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Getting to the Root Cause of Illness to Create Health and Vitality.

Lose Weight

Increase Energy

Relieve Pain

Reduce Toxins

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late To Start Taking Care of Yourself

I am a Restrigered Nurse and Integrative Health Practitioner. You know those people who have health issues and have been going to the doctor for years that aren't getting better? Those are the people I help get healthy. I do this by getting to the root cause of the disease with FM lab testing and investigation. I create a customized program for the individual to identify areas of toxicity, imbalance, and deficiencies. The goal is to create balance within your body. I do this through a custom "to you" program. So let's connect, your first consultation is on me!

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The standard American diet and conventional practices are leaving people sicker than ever.  My Integrative Coaching Program will help you lay the foundation of good health with these 3 steps.

Wellness Coaching Is The Key To Your Success


Goal Setting

Feel excited as we work together to create realistic and attainable goals.


Personalized Plan

Build confidence with a proven action plan that is specific to your needs.


Accountability Coaching

Get the support you need to stick with your plan while learning how to make healthy choices.

Get Started Today:

Step 1. 

 Book A Consult

Book your FREE wellness strategy session.  Click below to schedule.

Step 2.

Define Your Goals

Get clear on what success looks like for you and build a plan to ensure you get there.

Step 3.

Take Action

Choose the program that best fits your goals.  Finally get the results you want!


Kara Stute

Registered Nurse, Integrative Health Practitioner, Mother and Healer

I've been caring and nurturing since I was a little girl.  I worked in healthcare as a CNA and RN for almost 20 years. After conventional medicine failed my son I found healing in Integrative approaches and I grew a passion for it. Since then I've been helping our family, friends and clients transform their lives. I know the feeling of not knowing what to do or where to turn and it's scary. I am very thankful for the path I am on, and how I get to share my experience with others.



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